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The Backstory And Inspiration Behind The Design

In Adelaide, the founder of Duance & Co., an experienced jeweler, had an unexpected experience. While working with sterling silver, their cherished watch accidentally fell into the molten metal. After it cooled, the watch was retrieved, now uniquely altered with a beautifully distorted face and a captivating silver shimmer.

This unexpected incident has since guided the design philosophy of Duance & Co. Each watch, including future models, draws inspiration from this fusion of craftsmanship and serendipity, showcasing an elegant blend of traditional technique and distinctive aesthetics.

What Makes Duance & Co. Different?

Duance & Co. is defined by our commitment to innovation and distinctive designs. We're committed to continuously crafting new designs that not only challenge traditional aesthetics but also captivate the imagination.

A standout feature of our watches is the "Dripping" design, where each watch appears as though the metal is molten, artfully melting off your wrist.

One of Adelaide's First Watch Brands

Duance and Co. Is an Australian/Adelaide Watch Brand offering handcrafted, melted-design timepieces inspired by real events. Distinctive, avant-garde style meets precision in each watch. Discover our exclusive collection and embrace luxury with a creative twist (no pun intended).