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The Backstory Behind The Design

Within Adelaide, the founder of Duance & Co., a master jeweler, experienced an unforeseen event. While casting sterling silver, the treasured watch slipped from his wrist, becoming immersed in the molten metal. Once cooled, the watch emerged transformed, its face beautifully distorted and infused with silver gleam.

Watchmaking’s happiest accident.

Rather than seeing a ruined timepiece, he saw artful potential. This accidental fusion of metalwork and horology birthed a new vision: watches intentionally crafted to embody the beauty of imperfection. Thus, Duance & Co. was born, celebrating the unexpected marriage of art and time.

One of Adelaide's First Watch Brands

Duance and Co. Is an Australian/Adelaide Watch Brand offering handcrafted, melted-design timepieces inspired by real events. Distinctive, avant-garde style meets precision in each watch. Discover our exclusive collection and embrace luxury with a creative twist (no pun intended).